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Environmental Health & Safety Specialists

Apex clients are commercial property owners, residential property owners, business owners and operators, government agencies, and real estate professionals.

As environmental issues can impact the value of a property and/or the value of a business, mitigating and remediating those issues properly is critical. Just as important is partnering with the right environmental consulting firm. Apex invites you to browse the information provided on this website and call us.

We specialize in hazards removal design, workplace health and safety, employee training, and construction monitoring. And our professional expertise enables us to respond to the wide spectrum of regulatory compliance and health and safety concerns of our clients.

We work with our clients to provide safe and comfortable environments to work around. We remove the fear, uncertainty and doubt hanging over hazardous materials commonly found in buildings. These materials may be disturbed during renovations, e.g., asbestos; they may sneak in uninvited, e.g., molds and radon; or they may be residues from some process, e.g., ozone or methylene iodide. Whatever these materials are and wherever they are, we will find them.

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